Thirteen/Fourteen Little League Junior League

The HYBA will form a Junior Little League team(s), if there is enough player interest. Junior LL is open to 13 & 14 year olds. This team(s) will primarily play games on Saturdays, usually doubleheaders. Junior Little League teams are desigened for players who are interested in playing more then the standard number of West Shore Teener games each season.

When considering this team, please understand there is an increased level of commitment and expense. In addition to West Shore Teener games (at least 2 per week) and practices, you will be playing two additional games on Saturdays. There will also be an additional charge to participate on a Junior LL team. Please consider and be willing to make this commitment before signing-up for this team. You are welcomed to contact Dean Adams (717-761-4082) if you have any questions.