Spring Photo Schedule 2021
Sunday, May 16th  FIELD 5

12:00   Hoagland & Kern, Stephenson, Martini
12:30   Shay & Bach, Wolf & Montgomery, Hahn & Hess
1:00     Campbell, Moore & Stahl
1:30     Warren, Wickard & Barnes
2:00     Perva, Robbins & Walker
2:30     Wesner, Barron & Klemunes
3:00     Delgado, Lauer & Lawlor
3:30     Long, Rosati & Weigel
4:00     Crosby, Snyder & Gutshall
4:30     Johnson

Please arrive 15 mins prior to picture time. Players and coaches MUST be wearing masks. Come in full uniform. Gloves and bats are optional. Picture forms will be distributed by the coach of your team ASAP. No make ups.



Love the concession stand at Salem Park? Want to be a part of an amazing board of volunteers? Want to give back and help but not sure how? We are looking for someone to take over the concession stand operations for the Spring 2022 season. If interested please contact Grace Seagrist at [email protected] or visit the stand this upcoming season!